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Dental Implants represent the State-of-the-art and Standard of Care, in tooth replacement, in most cases. Dental implants represent the highest QUALITY and provide patients the greatest VALUE for their personal healthcare investment. Dental Implants provide a far better solution and long lasting than bridgework on compromised teeth.

Dr. Landman completed a 2 year comprehensive Surgical and Restorative Implant Program at NYU. He is now a member of their faculty and has been since 2008.. He performs both the surgical placement and also restorative phase of implants. Through the thorough diagnosis of the patient: clinical evaluation, making study models, taking photographs, and in many cases use of Dental Cone Beam CT scan, Dr. Landman can properly assess whether you are a good candidate for implants, as well as virtually plan (through 3-D imaging information gained from the CT scan) your treatment.


1) Teeth do not need to get drilled down. Sometimes during this tooth preparation, additional procedures such as Root Canal Therapy and a Post and Core build up. However with implants adjacent teeth may have to have the enamel slightly recontoured (flattened out) in order to provide a more esthetic and functional final prosthesis.

2) The actual preparation of the site (drilling) will usually require less total drilling time than for the average filling preparation.

3) Improved chewing capacity on the Implant Crowns as they are even more rigid in the bone than natural teeth. 

4) Increased retention as well as chewing capacity for Implant retained and supported dentures and partial dentures. This is critical for full lower dentures as they generally have minimal retention at best. For patients who do have implant supported/retained dentures, often those patients can have addition implants placed, transition out of a denture and have fixed bridgework be the final prosthesis.

5) You cannot get decay on implants, however you can get gum problems around them,  so YES you still have brush and floss around the crown and bridgework placed upon them.

6) The placement of the implant is far less traumatic and invasive procedure than the extraction which created the space that the implant will occupying..

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We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form below.
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