Can Root Canal Cause a Sinus Infection?

Can Root Canal Cause a Sinus Infection

Did you just have a root canal and are now experiencing sinus infection-like symptoms? Are these two related and can the root canal be to blame for your new condition? 

Here's what you can learn about root canals and sinus infections and if there's a connection between the two. 

Is There a Connection Between My Root Canal and Sinus Infection? 

The simple answer is that no, a root canal cannot cause a sinus infection. But, if you have symptoms that are very similar to a sinus infection, then it may be because of something called "sinus communication." 

Sinus communication occurs when there is a small hole in the sinus lining very close to the root of the tooth that you just treated. Because of this hole, you may experience symptoms that are very similar to a sinus infection, such as:

  • Sinus pain and pressure 
  • Post-nasal drip 
  • Congestion 
  • Runny nose

This can happen because the root of your upper teeth is very close to the sinus membrane. The dentist may have poked a hole in the membrane while trying to get to the infected tissue and clean it. 

How Can You Tell It's Just Sinus Communication and Not a Real Infection? 

Because the symptoms are very similar it can be very easy to confuse the two and be worried that you may actually have a sinus infection. But, while the symptoms are almost the same, there are a few major differences that can tell you that what you have is a sinus communication problem and not an infection. 

If you feel the liquid go into your nose every time you are drinking something or if you feel the air going through the site of your infected tooth when you are breathing, then sinus communication is to blame. All this happens because of the tiny puncture in your sinus tissues that makes air and water move around that area. 

What Can I Do About It? 

You don't really need to do anything about it. Although quite irritating, the tissue will heal itself in a few days and the symptoms will go away on their own. If the symptoms are persistent and still troubling you even after a few days, you should get in touch with your dentist so they can recommend the best course of action for your situation. 

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